Introducing the online
Selective Mutism
Therapists’ Course

By Expert Psychologist Ruth Perednik

This is your opportunity 
to acquire a therapeutic niche that is in great demand and has a paucity of trained specialist therapists. You will train directly with psychologist Ruth Perednik, a pioneer of selective mutism treatment, who will meet you for a live webinar once a week for 15 weeks, in this stimulating, interactive course. Perednik will take you through the theory, diagnosis, and clinical presentation of selective mutism, focusing on the causes and characteristics of SM.

But the bulk of this course will be… treatment, treatment and treatment: It will include the evidence-based therapy most effective in improving the client’s social and verbal communication; how teachers and parents can be therapeutic agents of change working in conjunction with the therapist; it will present three tried and tested treatment protocols to facilitate overcoming SM. You will learn techniques and skills, together with a profound sensitivity to the needs of these sensitive children and teens, and will receive certification on completing the course. Each session will include live questions and answers, plus an abundance of bonus material. If you miss a session – no worries – you will receive a video of the session, to view at your convenience. If you are looking for a niche and the fascinating field of selective mutism appeals to you – look no further!

Video Preparation

On registering you will receive access to a 9-session parents’ video course, which prepares you for the live sessions with psychologist Ruth Perednik

15 live lectures

at a pace of one per week – over the course of 4 months.  The sessions will be available for viewing if you miss a live session.

Q & A

Each live lecture includes interactive questions and answers


Diploma for finishing the course, practical diploma after finishing 2 treatments with supervision.

Take it to practice!

After the course, the possibility of continued supervision.

Register for course starting 23d of November 2022

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Expert psychologist Ruth Perednik

is a pioneer in the field of selective mutism – heading treatment clinics, training therapists, publishing and researching, and lecturing around the world. This is your opportunity to learn directly from her – and gain skills and knowledge to enable you to treat children and teens with selective mutism.

“I have specialized in treating thousands of children and teens with selective mutism, running SM centers, publishing research and books, and training therapists and parents the world over.

 I am offering you this opportunity to specialize in selective mutism – just as I did 30 years ago, and it turned into my life’s work and driving passion.  If you think that this could be a niche expertise that suits your interests and abilities, this course could set you on your way to having a vital, needed and wonderful professional direction”.


Fifteen live interactive lectures with psychologist Ruth Perednik:


Introduction and diagnostic criteria for selective mutism


What causes Selective Mutism?


Evaluation of children with SM


Shyness and Anxiety. Related anxiety disorders


THERAPY!!! Tenets of behavioral, cognitive-behavioral and dynamic therapy for SM


Systematic desensitization – building gradual steps toward speech


Therapy at Home and school: Therapy protocol #1


Working with the teacher – teachers’ interventions


Working with the parents – parents’ interventions


Treating teens and adults with SM #1 – CBT and ACT tool: Therapy protocol#2


Treating teens and adults with SM #2 – CBT and ACT tools


Mindfulness for teens and adults – and young children too!


Therapeutic aims, follow up, and more recording techniques. Working from the clinic in SM: Therapy protocol #3


Selective mutism retreats and summer camps. Review of literature on SM


Final session – case studies

In conclusion this is what you will receive when you register:

“I love seeing children with selective mutism opening up, slow to warm, one small step at a time, slowly but surely. They are beautiful orchids, slowly unfurling their petals, sharing their delicate, exquisite beauty with the world”.

"Studying with Ruth Perednik has opened a world of possibilities treating children with selective mutism. I gained the skills to be an effective therapist and have worked with many children who are now talking and engaging socially. Each case fills me with wonder that people can move on and overcome, and that I can be that therapeutic agent of change!"
"I feel that in every treatment there is a magical moment of change where a miracle occurs - and it's totally bigger than me, I cry with joy to see my little clients talking shouting, playing laughing, and I am so grateful to have had the amazing opportunity of studying with Ruth Perednik who gave me the techniques and empowered me to help so many children totally change their lives. Her method and personality and teaching are truly wonderful and have changed my life too!"
"I just completed administering a therapy program for an adorable 5-year-old boy, under the amazing guidance of Dr. Ruth Perednik of the Selective Mutism Treatment Center. This child had not spoken at all in his preschool (even though his cognitive and verbal skills are above average) . It was amazing to help him gradually expand his circle of communication from together with me at his home, to a separate room with me in the kindergarten to all the children and staff in all locations in his preschool. The child is noticeably very happy that he can verbally communicate and enjoy and participate in all the activities in his preschool. His parents are thrilled and much more relaxed. The staff is amazed at the magical change. These results are not magic. They are a result of a clinically proven evidence-based method, developed by Dr. Perednik"
" Ruth Perednik was not only an incredible mentor and someone to look up to throughout my time working with her, but also really helped give me the confidence in all the work that I was to do, which of course was the reason that led to the overall success of the treatments I give"

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The Selective Mutism therapists' course

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